Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yo, It's Halfway Through 2012, Y'all!

Wow hey, been busy and lots of apologies to those of you (7 and growing!) who follow this absolutely ridiculous blog. Apologies for the delay. Why?

Good news: Gotta a wonderful girlfriend. Not naming her here, but if you live most of your life at 6000 American Parkway you're in the know, and jealous of curly hair. Me, I'm happy of my string-y grey stuff now because it happens to stay on my head. If you want to completely go off-topic, I could kill you with exploits of the things that are now coming out of my chest. Let's just say that hair removal, a la Steve Carell in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" should be considered by this hairy scribe.

Also good news: Finally close to my 50-50% of my kids. July the deal is sealed, yay! Cannot honestly believe this took almost two years, but that's how the stupid system works. First, have to prove that I'm solvent (which I am); second, have to attend multiple co-parenting classes (which I did), and third, have to endure a step-based program that is due to the age of the kids. I'll vent now: why did I as a father in a divorced marriage have to go through this? Answer: Because the state assumes that the Father did all the wrong. I would say Go Scott Walker or Go Tom Barrett but both have no input on this inane beauracracy. Hmmm.....

I'm off my soapbox now.

So, back to the stupid:

- I'm switching to Gronk. You all know my old love, but now I've decided, since my divorce, that it is not a bad thing to move on. Even my new hottie (I'm now officially in trouble) has agreed that Gronk is waaaaayyyyy hotter than TB and his questionable hair. Plus, he hasn't responded since my photos were posted on tmz.

- Can't wait for "Promethius." Nuff' said.

- Big fan of "Game of Thrones" on HBO and stunned at the amount of full-frontal nudity. Nudity good. I've been pitching this for an ice breaker at all-day meetings for years. Think of how much you'd get done with someone's junk flapping around the whiteboard? And, yes dear ladies, your ta-ta's can flop with the best of them.

- Recommend "The Pirates!" as a family film. I've only sees 2 - 3 3D movies and this one used the technology well.

Cheers and hope all is well!