Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Random Randomness

Wisconsin got biffed by a pretty good blizzard yesterday through today, so a post seems to be appropriate as I'm getting sick of the local news (weather reports), CNN (Egypt) and ESPN (the Green Bay Fudge Packers).

Nothing really new to read or report, so we'll throw the ol' fishing line out into the frozen lake and see what comes out of my cranium...

- Fudge Packers: You're an insufferable bunch. I need a couple of Murphs, Sullys and O'somethings to kick some shit into you. There's life outside of the Pack, maybe get excited for the Brewers? They look good this year!!! Unfortunately, I don't like Shittsburgh either, so I'm playing Switzerland and just hoping for a good game, or at least interesting commercials, this weekend.

- Day off from work: With a welcome respite with a great friend for a few hours, I had no idea what to do with myself today. Ended up doing 3 laundries, cleaning the kitchen, and watching Seth Rogan movies. BTW, I like Seth Rogan. He's better than someone like a Jack Black because he can actually carry a movie (think "Knocked Up") but I think he should stick to the character-actor roles. A little of Rogan goes a long way, but if you think of other recent classics like "Superbad" or "40 Year Old Virgin" he elevates the movie. Just an opinion.

- Here's an interesting idea for debate: I've been pondering the five best places to kiss (stick with me here) on a woman. I'll propose the following (and not be x-rated, so please follow suit):
    - The mouth (duh)
    - The neck
    - The clavicle/upper chest area
    - The ears
    - And of course, as Sam Jackson put nicely, The Holiest of Holies.

- Ladies, if the one of you reads this, thoughts? Good to know -- we men are clueless and base our activities on outdated adult stars, so if I'm missing a crucial piece of anatomy, let me know.

- On to news: take a step back and look at the Egypt/Lebanon/Yemen/Jordan/etc. turn of events. This could be catastrophic to the Middle East, or it could be a harbinger of positive change. As a follower of politics, I'm watching this. Many of my friends are Jewish, so I'm hoping (but knowing) they are watching this with necessary urgency.

- Red Sox truck leaves a week from today for Spring Training. For those of you like me who curse shoveling, this is a small hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

- Bowling sweeper in two days. For those of you non-AmFam people, this is an event to be experienced. Kind of like Burning Man or Fantasy Fest, but on a cheesehead-level. Meaning, we don't get naked and the only drugs are watery beer. Good times! But, go lane 17!

More to come, and hopefully it will be a more coherent essay.



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