Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good Meeting!

Had one of the stranger meetings today via phone with one of our agencies. Things pretty much bounced around like a ping-pong ball during an inebriated pick-up game, but actually we came out with some good ideas and feasible concepts that will help the company in 2011. Won't bore you with details, but we'll be alive and kicking in Q1 with some cool growth-initiated advertising.

I do want to thank our leadership (no names here, unless they're named Ian Chalgren, and then all bets are off) for providing excellent guidance on the topic of how important it is to lead as opposed to react. They are wonderful people with great minds who provide real ideas for our team. Yes, my nose is slightly brown, but things wash off.

You five followers know that I gnash about my work -- there's seemingly no rhyme or reason as to what we work on, and that we're subject to what our sales force or product lines make us do. Chances are, the requests have been preempted by higher-ups and not been vetted to decide the warranty of whether the request is necessary or not. I understand corporate politics, but it doesn't mean I should agree or disagree with the direction. Dude, let's empower ourselves.

Back to the meeting! We got great direction to advise our corporate creative agency to act. And that is the key word: act. Not react, not advise, not hem-and-haw about what sister agency told them what, but listen to us and follow our direction and produce the assets we want to give to consumers. This is cool. We got some power now, and we'll make use of it.

I'll go back to posting about my idiotic fumblings and what'all shortly. In the meantime, I do truly feel we as an organization are on a good path and look forward to 2011 and getting more cool stuff out there for our consumers.Enough about work, and once Justin Bieber falls off the wagon I'll have some more inappropriate postings.

Now, who wants to get naked and chat about Tom Brady's stubble? Don't deny you're not impressed. Gisele, your input is needed.



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