Monday, December 13, 2010

Jeremy and Nudity

The funny thing is that I took my shirt off last Friday evening at Shannon's Christmas party. There was no rhyme or reason for this, and I was stone-cold sober, but I was hot and thought I had a t-shirt underneath. By the time I realized that I was butt-assed naked and exposed for the suddenly silent crowd, I whimpered "thought I had a t-shirt on" while their drinks spoiled. Should have done another twenty-five sit-ups that day.

I've done this before. And, not because I have a good body. Many will say I need to hit the gym more, and I cannot argue with them. Sitting here writing this feeble blog I have on a sweatshirt, long undies, boxers under them, wool socks and mukluks.

I simply take clothes off at regular times. My daughter does this, too. Apparently, we're happier when naked. Not to belabor the point, but I bet most people are. I once told a joke in front of, maybe, 10 - 12 co-workers, including senior management folks, whilst having a pencil stick out of my ass. Ain't pretty, but that pencil rammed home made a point (pun intended) that I wouldn't be able to make when properly dressed. I don't remember the punchline, but chances are my former co-workers don't either.

There's too much concern over the human body. If you know me, I'm a movie buff (again, ha ha, no pun intended) so I've seen the wonderously naked form in many shapes and sizes. They all look good to me. Things are different when the lights are turned out and our insecurities are left unnoticed. And, I'll argue, they're better because we get to wake up the next morning and take a closer look. Look, we're all absolutely ridiculous, with things hanging here and there, hair hither and yon, sags where they shouldn't be and so forth.

See, there was a big bally-who when Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) appeared nude in Equus, one of the greatest plays of all time. Look, I like Harry and his wand (when pointed at Draco, but no, that sounds bad) but who cares? The man is an actor, and to take on one of the most challenging roles in theatre when trying to shed his image as the most iconic characters in literary I would say is inspiring.

I'm not feeling well today, so this post will be short and sweet, but I do query y'all: what do you consider to be taboo and not taboo? I've taken the shirt off, so to speak, so feel free to comment. Nothing taboo here: politics, local news, sports, sex, entertainment -- they're all on the table.




  1. That's a great George Costanza moment. Was it a Festivus party?

    Taboo is relative and depends on the crowd. We're too uptight in this country. We need to just relax. Congrats on firing the first salvo. I have a gathering to attend this evening, perhaps I will follow your lead good sir :D

  2. Whoops, I read that as "Harry Potter has big balls" and I had to read again.

  3. I didn't write that. Leah, what are you thinking about????