Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I'm going through a divorce. Sucks. Looking for a nice girl to just be friends with. Nothing more, y'all can theorize but companionship is my first priority.

Now on to this blog -- having moved to Madison in 2002, I was first aroused and fixated on the sheer level of fried foods this city offers, as it is truly staggering.

But my question is why does Madison rely on chains? When I lived in Boston I could wander down the street and at any Mom-and-Pop Italian or Greek storefront get a wonderful sandwich. Here, I've got Subway, Milio's or Cousins. Not attractive.

And, oh, don't get me started on the pizza here. Have you heard of sauce, or maybe toppings? Anna's in Sun Prairie is good but she charges for the privilege of being good. $20 for a medium pizza is too much for mediocrity.

You Badgers might make a good cheese curd (note, have you read how those are made?) but you can't make a good sandwich, you can't get me a decent slice, and it sucks driving anywhere.

Thought you should know! Still getting divorced,


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