Monday, December 6, 2010

Pissed, Sorry.

I had to spend a lot of money on a therapist exam. Supposedly this will tell the courts if I'm sane or not.

I don't begrudge the money, as thankfully I have some for the impending Christmas holiday, but I do mind the exam. The cash I had to spend amounted all to nothing but glorified Iowa exams. Somebody who does not know me in California is now qualified to determine if I'm a good parent, father, mate, or whatever.

What does bug me is somebody took the time to meticulously judge me via a couple of paper tests. I could have answered B, B, B and B and somebody is now empowered to give judgment on my parenting acumen and I have no recourse except the ruling of the court.

I ask you: is that fair?

So, please take your significant other not for granted and pray (this from an agnostic) that you'll be spared the indignities and will be able to tell someone that you're well and able to take care of those who matter most to you. If you're concerned, stop by and I'll prove to you my worth. It's there.

I'll promise to do the same, regardless of the cost. Some things one does have to fight for. And I will.



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