Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Random Thoughts

No rhyme or reason to these, and apologies to Bob Ryan, Gerry Brown, Whitlock and all the other sportswriters I follow and admire online.

On to the post!

- Season 2 of Mad Men isn't doing it for me like Season 1. I'm through 5 episodes and will probably watch #6 tonight, but can't get into it. Bill tells me to muscle through, as he swears it will get better, and so I will. But thus forth, not up to par.

- Had a great meeting, and even greater breakfast (crepes!), with our partners at Lacek. I like the fact that these nice MN folks want to work with us and are amenable to incorporate our messaging into their new creative. This will be a fun couple of months to work with them and align creative (me), digital and direct marketing into a holistic program. That's cool.

- Another cool meeting with a vendor called Vero. Thanks to Dan for organizing. I personally am not sure if we are strategically aligned, but they do provide an attractive service. Question for the two of you following this blog: who would you pick musically to represent Amfam? Y'all know my thoughts on country music (barf) but some of the hot performers seem to be the ideal candidates. None of the team had heard of Vero before the prezo, but I think we were all impressed and have an opportunity to leverage them. Input needed.

- Tom Brady. 'Nuff said.

- Glad to see the marketing peeps who were marooned on floor 1 to join us again. Even if Justin's mustache still is prominently featured. Easier to find them whilst in crisis mode, which is typical in our department (we like changes and challenges, please repeat 10 times), but even better, easier to bounce ideas and strategies off them when interesting ideas come up. If you've ever worked with us creative idiots, we tend to be ADHD -- good ideas will get missed if we don't act quickly. And then, of course, we feign ignorance when you follow up with us. Hey, have a couple martinis and a Lucky or two and you can fit right in!

- Dropped $300 on amazon.com today. Can't wait for the opening of the presents -- nothing better than one's kids on Christmas morning -- but even at my age, I'm aghast at the cost of cool toys for the tykes. Did you elderly feel the same way 20 years ago?

- Finally, I'd like to thank the two of you who have followed this ridiculous blog. Glad you're enjoying my random ramblings, and just remember I'll get better as this moves forward.

- Time to make supper. Feeling like pizza tonight, but am forced to endure another feeding of chili because I'm an idiot and cooked up a week's worth on Sunday. Bottom line is to forget the key ingredient. Then you're in the clear! Unfortunately I was at Costco a few weeks ago and bought the Army-sized chili powder. Damn. I foresee chili through February.


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  1. Looking mighty dapper today, Jeremy. Great question on who could represent AFI musically. Will ponder ...